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Meet Dennis On Site and Regional Hazwoper Training

Friend -Instructor and Adviser

Dennis and I have a long history of working together.

I have asked Dennis to once again assist in selected training and site remediation projects.

Dennis with degrees in Chemistry and Physics has been my "go to" person  for related situations on and off the Emergency Site Field. Dennis was instrumental with training the Rock Island Arsenal Emergency Responders (we conducted their first Hazwoper class) in Rock Island Ill when I received my credentials from the EPA, "Captain Ball) to conduct their training 165.5 & 165.15 Emergency Response courses.

Dennis has worked with some of the nations most recognized privately held corporations as well as Government projects.

I have had the honor to work side by side with Dennis at Wyle Laboratories, California, Gulf Oil Spill (Deepwater Horizon)  Idaho National Laboratory plus 100's of Emergency Response,s nationwide with the largest concentration in the midwest.

Some of you here in the midwest may remember Dennis as his reputation was widespread.

Help me welcome Dennis once again.

Hazwoper Training Deepwater Horizons

Hazwoper Training Deepwater Horizons