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Current week question dated March 15, 2020.

Go to "MY BLOG" for the current week Jeopardy Question.

Each week a new question.

Each week a new Hazwoper Related question will be posted.

The same question will be posted in the Blog  & LinkedIn.

There is a possibility other social media may also be used.

Chance to win $25.00 CASH gift card.

Each individual submitting a correct answer will have a chance to win. The names of the individuals with the correct answer will be randomly drawn and notified.

One entry per person per week

The answers will be judged by IESMC, LLC which are also  verified by 29CFR1910.120

All results decisions are final.

This game is to be fun, educational and informative.

Any person posting negative comments or starting arguments will be disqualified . Their email address block from further participation. Play nice after all it is just $25.00 

Maximum number of wins will be limited to 4 per year per person